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INTRODUCTORY   ESSAY,                                    61
were not always made with a view to extensive distribution,
and he frequently could not pay the necessary attention to the
preservation of specimens in a fit state for future examina-
tion, devoting his time mainly to making notes, which are of
extreme value, and to a certain extent obviated the necessity
of many specimens. Of these collections we believe one and
the only complete set is in Calcutta., and was retained for Mr.
Griffith's private use, as containing the manuscript numbers
referred to in the journals; the specimens were small and
poor. It is of the utmost importance that this should be
transmitted to England and deposited in some safe quarter
for public access. The total number of species collected by
Griffith is probably not under 9000, which is by far theTargest
number ever obtained by individual exertions. Amongst the
distribution of his miscellaneous collections were three conspi-
cuous ones:
a. Malacca, Tenasseritn, and Afghanistan, plants, distri-
buted numbered by himself. The best sets of these went
to the late Dr, Lemann, and the majority will form part of
the Cambridge University Herbarium; the Afghan ones were
transferred, previous to Dr. Lemann's decease, to Mr,. Ben-
thani, and are incorporated with that botanist's extensive and
admirably-named herbarium. The second sets were commu-
nicated by Mr. Griffith to Sir William Hooker's herbarium.
Others were scut to Dr. Gardner of Ceylon, and Dr. Wight
of Madras. Of these, Gardner's were sold at his cleath, when
Sir William Hooker purchased the Malacca specimens.
4. A distribution, through the late Dr. Lcmann, of Khasia
and Assam collections; of these, some were formed by Mr.
Griffith, at his own expense, and others, we believe, formed
part of the Assam Tea Deputation collections, and were due to
the joint labours of Dr. Wallicli and himself.
c. More lately there has been a distribution of Khasia,
Bliotau, Mishmi, Assam, and Calcutta garden specimens, and
of miscellaneous Palms, under the direction of the East In-
dia Company.